LEARN Child Care integrates a perfect blend of early education philosophies and pedagogies, including Waldorf, Reggio, and culturally-responsive practices, with culturally relevant and place-based curriculum.

Play and exploration are at the heart of our programs to naturally build independence and foster imagination. Movement is a major part of the learning day! We incorporate dance, music and creative arts into academic subjects.


(birth to 18 months)
Our infant program offers a nurturing, calming and loving environment for infants that provides the appropriate level of stimulation for each age and stage of development from birth to 18 months.

We prioritize the relationships and bonds between care providers and infants. The infant program providers work as a team to offer guidance and consistency in the daily rhythm of activities while honoring infant’s individual needs; feeding on demand and sleeping when showing cues.


(19 months to 36 months)

LEARN’s toddler program provides ample opportunity to play, move, explore and be active! Children are introduced to learning tools that encourage curiosity, social interactions, self-help skills, cognitive development and gross/fine motor skills. 
Toddlers show a wide variety of developmental levels. Our toddler space is designed to care for children in two age-groups, allowing educators to provide developmentally appropriate activities for each group and give children more individual attention.



(37 months and up)

Our pre-school curriculum is place-based and interest led. Play is the framework where all learning takes place with a focus on art and movement. Music, dance, art, science and self-help skills are all incorporated into the play materials and exploration opportunities.

We utilize custom-made LEARN curriculum we are creating using insiration from Waldorf, Montessori, Reggio and its culturally responsive material. Field trips and guest storytellers or elders are included in the planning when possible. 



LEARN staff and programming uphold and reflect the Southeast Traditional Tribal Values.

"Our Way of Life"

  • Discipline and obedience to the traditions of our ancestors
  • Respect for self, elders and others
  • Respect for nature and property
  • Patience
  • Pride in family, clan and tradition is found in love, loyalty and generosity
  • Be strong in mind, body and spirit
  • Humor
  • Hold each other up
  • Listen well and with respect
  • Speak with care
  • We are stewards of the air, land and sea
  • Reverence for our creator
  • Live in peace and harmony
  • Be strong and have courage